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Getting Started

Interested in becoming a registered nonprofit with Pippsino? Watch the short video and review the information below to learn more.

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One of the go-to methods of additional fundraising for many nonprofits are raffles. Organizing and operating a raffle is typically time consuming. Considering the man hours and expenses involved, it often turns out that the net monies raised doesn’t seem to justify the blood, sweat, and tears that went into it. A fundamental key to raising substantial funds via a raffle is volume. The more tickets sold, the more money raised. Increasing the potential of ticket sales involves promotional efforts. Promoting online is a beneficial method for increasing the pool of ticket buyers. However, there are state and federal regulations, permits, possible limits on permissible use of the proceeds, liabilities, as well as other legal and geographical limitations. Most organizations do not have staff with the expertise, knowledge, or time to dedicate to navigating these obstacles; much less all the other aspects of promoting and managing such an event.

Pippsino is a perpetual fundraising event operated in conjunction with a nationwide sweepstakes. The virtual coin tosses are how monthly sweepstakes winners are randomly determined, and provides supporters with an entertaining way to participate, but does not require interaction. Winners receive a cash prize, and their choosen registered nonprofits receive a cash distribution. The number of prizes, the amounts, and the nonprofit distributions are reliant on the amount of funds generated by purchased game entries each month.

Participating nonprofit organizations are asked to help promote Pippsino with materials and resources that we provide, making it very easy and simple for them to do so. For instance: adding links and banners on their website and/or social media platforms; posters and business cards to display and make available at their location or events. These things require very little time or effort. When a participating nonprofit is selected by a game winner, the organization will receive funds in the form of payment for advertising.


  1. Submit a Registration Application for a nonprofit account.
  2. Allow up to 7 business days for us to process your submission.
    1. See basic requirement and our vetting process below.
  3. Once you are accepted, Participants can select your organization to support.
  4. Help promote Pippsino in very simple and non-time-consuming ways.
    1. See Promoting details below.
  5. When any of your supporting Participants wins, your organization will receive funds in the form of payment for advertising services.

Nonprofit Terms & Agreement

By submitting the nonprofit registration application you are stating that you meet the basic requirements necessary to register and that you accept and agree to our terms as follows:

  • Basic Requirement
    • Filed with the IRS as a 501(c)(3)
  • Vetting Process
    • It is important that we remain true to our own mission which is to support altruistic nonprofit organizations. In addition to confirming 501(c)(3) filings, we personally research each organization to ensure that they meet our standards.
  • Promoting
    • Helping promote Pippsino is super easy.
      • Place a link to us on your organization’s website.
      • Promote on social media channels, such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instragram, Twitter, etc.
      • Display posters and provide cards at your organization’s location, during events, and other appropriate places.
      • Encourage staff, volunteers, supporters, family, and friends to join.
  • Agreement
    • Our agreement with you is simple; there’s no complicated legal fine print.
      • If your organization is accepted, we simply ask that you do your best to help promote the Pippsino endeavor.
      • We reserve the right to accept, reject, or cancel relations with any organization, at any time, for any reason.
      • Payment and amounts for advertising are reliant on player’s selections and monies generated by the number of purchases made in each game. There is absolutely no guarantee of payment to any organization.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Pippsino family!

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