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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions as a nonprofit.

  • NO!
  • Pippsino is a sweepstakes.
  • The coin toss game is simply a fun and entertaining process for selecting the winners and is completely random.
  • Pippsino is very much akin to a large perpetual fundraising raffle.
  • Register your organization on Pippsino... It's EASY and FREE!
  • Your organization will appear in our directory listing, including your mission, contact informatoin, and a link to your webiste.
  • Participants can then choose to support you.
  • You will receive payment for advertising, when any of your supporters win the sweepstakes.
  • All we ask is that you help spread the word.
  • Your organization can be paid up to $2,500.00 each time one of your supporters wins.
  • The number of winners each month depends on the amount of funds generated by the number of subscribers.
  • Every time the sweepstakes prize pot exceeds an increment of $500, the number of Winner Slots increase.
  • Working together to spread the word, we have the potential to help hundreds of nonprofits each month.
  • Yes!
  • Your organization can receive multiple payments each month.
  • The target demographic is 160,000,000
  • Our minimum goal is 1%
  • That would be 1.6 million subscribers
  • Approximately $5,920,000 per year paid to nonprofits
  • Absolutley!
  • Encourage your staff, volunteers, board members, supporters, family friends, etc. to sign up.
  • The more subscribers, the more support generated.
  • Don't forget to sign yourself up!
  • NO
  • Pippsino is a DBA under Elabrix, LLC providing IT and Software Development primarily to nonprofits.
  • Pippsino is transparent in what we do and how our funds are dispersed.

We have chosen to operate as a for-profit business for many reasons…

  • Flexibility in operations
  • Less goverment restrictions
  • Financial stability
  • Self-sustaining and not relying on external funding
  • Greater growth opportunities
  • Access to various investment opportunities enabling greater expandability, scalability, and pursuit of other growth strategies to provide greater support to nonprofit organizations.

Ready to get started? We can't wait to welcome you to the Pippsino family!

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