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How to Win

Sweepstakes Success Guide


Enter the Monthly Sweepstakes

  • Monthly sweepstakes winners are determined via the coin toss game.
  • Games start the first day of every month and end the last day of the month.
  • You can win up to $500 each month.
  • Your chosen nonprofit can recieve up to $2500.

See Sweepstakes Rules for how to enter without a purchase.


Choosing the Winners

Pippsino Coin Toss

  • Guess correctly on the daily toss to stay in and win Pipps.
  • “Pipps” save you from elimination (see below).
  • Remain in on the last day to grab a Winner Slot!


There is one coin toss round every day.
A virtual coin is tossed into the air at 1:00AM PT and lands at 11:00PM PT.
During the round, you can guess "Heads" or "Tails".
...or your guess is made automatically, based on your Settings:

  • Random
  • Last Choice
  • Flip-Flop (opposite of last choice)

The outcome is revealed at the start of the next round (1:00 AM PT).
Guess correctly to advance to the next day.

Entry Rounds Image


  • Enter during the first 25 days with a Game Token.
  • Win Silver Pipps for every correct guess.
  • Reenter with Gold Pipps, if eliminated.

Entry rounds set the stage for the Final Rounds.

Calendar depicting the final rounds, starting on the 25th day of the month.


  • All participants are reentered on the 26th round.
    ...Everyone gets this second chance!
  • Silver Pipps (from Entry Rounds) save you from elimination.
  • Winner slots are filled with participants still in on the last day.

What are game tokens and pipps

Pipps give automatic reentry when eliminated from a round.There are Gold and Silver Pipps.

There are Gold and Silver Pipps.

Gold Pipp Image

Game Tokens

  • Acquired by purchasing a Subscription
    ...or by free entry request.
    (See Sweepstakes Rules.)
  • Used during Entry Rounds only
    (no new entries during the Final Rounds.)
Gold Pipp Coin Image

Gold Pipps

  • Save you from elimination during Entry Rounds only.
  • Acquired by purchasing a Pipps Package.
    (Never expire and carry over to the next game.)
Silver Pipp Coin Image

Silver Pipps

  • Save you from elimination during the Final Rounds only.
  • Awarded for each correct guess during Entry Rounds.
  • Only valid for the current game they are awarded in.
    ...Do not carry over to future games.

Remember - Getting eliminated isn't neccessarily the end!

  • Participants eliminated during the first 25 day Entry Phase can reenter with Gold-Pipps.
  • On the the 26th day, all Participants, including those eliminated, are automatically reentered for the Final Elimination Rounds.
  • Silver-Pipps awarded during the Entry Rounds save you from elimination during the Final Elimination Rounds.
  • In the rare event that ALL Participants choose incorrectly, no one is eliminated that round.
Gold Pipp Image
  • Winners are those remaining in the last round to fill the Winner Slots.
  • All Winner Slots are filled.
  • If the number of participants standing exceeds the number of available Winner slots, the final Winners will be randomly selected from them.
  • The number of Winner slots each month is the Sweepstakes Total Prize Pot divided by $500.
  • Every time the pot exceeds an increment of $500, the number of Winner Slots increases by 1.
  • The prize pot is divided equally among the Winners.
    (Example: If the total pot is $1,200.00, there will be 3 Winner Slots and each Winner would recieve $400.00)
  • The Total Prize Pot value is generated from a percentage of Subcription and Pipp purchases.